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Unlocking the Secrets of Granite as a Cooking Stone

In case you didn't know, you can transform your cooking experience with the elegance and efficiency of granite. This natural stone is making a comeback in kitchens not just as a countertop but as an innovative cooking tool.

The benefits of cooking on granite

Granite has long been renowned for its durability and unique ability to distribute heat evenly, which is essential for perfectly cooked meals. 

Unlike other materials, granite can withstand very high temperatures, making it ideal for searing and grilling. Its non-porous nature means it doesn't absorb liquids or harbor bacteria, ensuring a hygienic cooking surface that's also a breeze to clean.

Choosing the right granite for cooking

Selecting the right granite for cooking is crucial, so opt for food-safe granite that is free from harmful minerals and certified for culinary use. 

The best pieces are thick and dense, providing better heat retention and even cooking. Ensure the granite slab is smooth, without any cracks or uneven surfaces that could affect its structural integrity.

Preparing granite for cooking

It's essential to properly prepare granite before using it. To start with, clean it thoroughly with mild detergent, and consider seasoning it with high-heat-resistant oil to enhance its non-stick properties. This simple step not only improves your cooking but also extends the lifespan of the stone.

Cooking techniques for granite

To set up your cooking stone, use pieces between 1 and 2 inches thick. You can also opt for a good 12-inch-square cooking surface, but you can make tweaks based on your cooking needs. Here are the steps involved in cooking on granite stone:

  • Start with a cold oven or grill to allow the granite to heat evenly. 

  • Avoid sudden temperature changes to prevent cracking. 

  • Use wooden or silicone utensils to keep the surface scratch-free. 

  • Remember, granite remains hot long after cooking, so handle it with care and always use protective pads when moving it.

Granite cooking stones for grills

Using a granite stone on your grill makes it easier to cook foods that might otherwise fall through the grill's bars, like pizza, fish, bacon, and chopped veggies.

The best thing about cooking with a granite stone is how it spreads the heat evenly. This means your food, whether it's meat, veggies, or other items, gets cooked the same all over, at the same temperature.

Tips to handle hot granite

You have to be careful when moving the stone from the stove or grill straight to your granite countertop, as the countertop can get very hot and might burn you or others in the kitchen. It's safer to use a trivet or hot pads to keep the heat from reaching the countertop.

Granite stone maintenance and care

Keeping your granite cooking stone in top shape involves regular cleaning with non-abrasive tools and mild cleaners. You can clean it with a soft cloth and water, while a mix of alcohol and water can disinfect your granite cooking stone. 

For tougher stains, a mix of water and baking soda works well. Also, you should ensure the stone is completely dry before storing it. Periodic sealing is recommended to maintain its non-porous qualities.

Enhance your kitchen experience with granite cooking stone

Enhance your cooking repertoire with a tool that brings both beauty and function to your kitchen. Whether you are cooking entire meals or grilling bacon, granite cooking stone can elevate your cooking experience. 

Contact us today for a top-quality granite cooking stone in Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. 


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