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How to Restore the Shine to Your Granite Countertop

Granite is a natural stone that adds beauty to your kitchen countertop. As long as it maintains its shiny, glossy look, it produces a stunning effect other materials will struggle to match.

With its high aesthetic quality comes the need for care and maintenance. Without this, it will lose its luster. Besides, as it is made of stone, improper care and cleaning practices can damage it. In this article, we’ll examine a few tips on restoring the shine to your granite countertop.

Wipe the surface

The first step is to eliminate all contaminants on the granite surface. Much of the reason the countertop loses its luster is contamination from crumbs, debris, and dust.

Begin by wiping the surface with a soft towel. For parts where there’s caked-on grime, use the flat side of a razor blade to eliminate it.

Scrub the surface

For a more thorough cleaning, merely wiping the surface will not suffice. You have to carry out deep cleaning via scrubbing. Note that granite countertops have sealants to keep them stain-resistant and glossy.

Use a pH-neutral granite cleaning solution and work it slowly and methodically across the countertop. Using anything too basic or acidic will weaken the sealant, so avoid solutions like bleach or vinegar.

Some soap and water will suffice, along with a soft sponge. Also, avoid using abrasive pads for scrubbing.

Disinfect the surface

Create an equal-measured part water part isopropyl solution in a spray bottle and spray it down the entire countertop. After five minutes, wipe it off the countertop from back to front using a clean dish towel in a sweeping “S” motion.

Restoring the shine

You can polish your granite countertop with wet or dry material, depending on the manufacturer of your countertop and the primary color of the stone.

  • Granite polishing powder

This is a quick and easy way to restore the gleam to your granite countertop while eliminating minor stains and scratches.

  • Granite polishing cream

This compound contains some light abrasives best suited for premium-manufactured granite countertops. It is perfect for countertops that have been in place for several years.

  • Cooking oil

You can also dampen a soft cleaning cloth with a bit of cooking oil and wipe it across the countertop. This adds some stain-resistant quality and much-needed shine to the countertop.

Reseal the countertop

Even if you know how to clean countertops correctly, your granite will need to be resealed periodically. Regular wear and tear will wear the sealant off, leaving the countertop dull and susceptible to stains. Ensure to use products recommended by the manufacturer.

Restore the shine to your granite countertop today

With our restorative, repair, and maintenance services, we can bring back the shine to your granite countertop, helping you preserve its beauty and durability. Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your granite countertop looking its best.


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