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Why You Should Install Granite Countertops for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen is where you can enjoy the company and chatter of loved ones and, best of all, some delightful cuisine- all in the open air!

The outdoor countertop lies at the center of this oasis and is where everything culinary goes down. For several reasons, granite - a natural stone - is the best option to choose for your outdoor kitchen.

Weather resistant

Even if you restrict your events to the cooler evening, your countertop remains a permanent fixture of the outdoors and must be durable enough to withstand extreme and varying temperatures throughout the seasons of the year. 

Granite countertops are incredibly resistant to harsh environmental conditions, making them a suitable candidate for your outdoor kitchen.  You can also use applicable outdoor sealants on the countertops and cover them when not in use. 

It can withstand high temperatures

Granite is the perfect outdoor kitchen countertop of choice for its remarkable ability to withstand high temperatures. This means the material isn’t at risk of damage when you place hot cookware on it.

Ease of maintenance

Managing an extra dining/cooking area with your outdoor kitchen can be hard. So, it’s ideal to get a countertop that is easy to clean and maintain.

Granite countertops are great for the extra mess you’d expect of an outdoor kitchen, as all you’ll need to do is simply wipe off the mess and spills. You can also restore the shine with fresh sealing and polishing.

Resists stains and bacteria

Compared to options like marble, granite countertops possess a better resistance to bacteria and stains.

With a lot more mess than usual on the horizon, you need a countertop that won’t harbor germs as easily in your sensitive cooking area. Granite does the job perfectly when cleaned with regular detergent and clean water.

Tough to scratch

Regular marble countertops scratch easily, making them better suited for more protected spaces like your indoor kitchen.

With an outdoor kitchen, there’s a bigger chance of the material getting dented, scratched, or nicked by friends and even pets. So, you need a tough material like granite where such imperfections won’t readily show up.

It doesn’t fade with time

The luster of other materials like marble is sure to be lost over time after prolonged exposure to all kinds of weather. Granite doesn’t fade easily, and you can enjoy its natural beauty every time you have to cook outdoors.

How to maintain the shine of your Pennsylvania countertop

While your granite countertop is resistant to harsh weather conditions, you still have to do your bit to keep it looking its best always:

  • Protect it from the hot weather by covering with an umbrella or awning

  • Regularly apply a sealant to keep the material from trapping moisture. Do this at least once a year for light-colored stones and every 2-3 years for darker ones

  • Remove spills, dirt, and stains from your countertops using mild soap and water

  • Prevent watermarks or streaking by drying with a clean soft cloth

  • Cover the countertops when not in use

Install quality granite countertops for your PA outdoor kitchen

Only the best quality materials are suitable for your outdoor kitchen countertops, and that’s why our services are highly recommended. 

Are you in the Poconos, Philly, Greater Lehigh, Scranton, Harrisburg, and areas in Eastern New Jersey? Call us today.  We will be happy to install high-quality granite countertops that not only enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor kitchen but also stand the test of time.


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